Flexible storage and racking solutions

You can continually optimise your warehouse operations with the help of Toyota, combining the right racking type and configuration with the most suitable material handling equipment. Since our wide truck range and complete racking offer go hand in hand, each project is custom-made when it comes to storage capacity for single items, boxes or palletised goods. This way you can enjoy the benefit of maximum space utilisation, higher productivity, reduced costs – and improved overall efficiency.

You store pallets

Pallets are still the most common load carrier for goods. Available in different sizes and material, they allow for storing your goods in an efficient way. With the right type of racking, you can maximise the use of your warehouse space. Based on your products and warehouse layout, our racking specialists will give you advise and design and deliver the most efficient pallet storage solution for your operation.



LCW Groningen expands warehouse with shuttle and mobile racking installation

”We have approached several suppliers, with very similar offers as a result, but the Toyota solution was the most complete.”

Martijn Heidema, Logistics manager at LCW

- Mobile racking
- 2 Radioshuttles and shuttle racking
- 2 Reach trucks

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You store items

In e-commerce business or other companies where item handling and picking is key, smart and flexible storage solutions are needed. We offer various systems for small parts and picked goods that save you time, optimise product turnover and storage capacity and improve ergonomics.

Toyota supplies Natures Menu with mezzanine and drive-in racking

”Toyota was able to demonstrate that they can offer a complete turnkey solution for every aspect of material handling equipment and storage project.”

Craig Taylor, Managing Director at Natures Menu

- Conventional pallet racking
- Drive-in racking
- Mezzanine flooring
- 2 reach trucks and pallet trucks for coldstore

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Total solutions approach


The cornerstone of the warehouse is a well-planned racking system optimised for your type of goods, rotation frequency as well as the routes and layout of your premises in order to get the most efficient material flow. Together with the right truck for the job we offer a variety of tailored solutions from standard static storage systems to high-density dynamic racking solutions such as the Toyota Radioshuttle or our mobile pallet racking. All depending on your specific situation and needs.

This in combination with a wide range of other services and solutions such as our fleet management system, rental and used offer, automated and energy solutions, we can support you from start to finish.

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Optimal use of Frans Agro’s warehouse with Toyota racking

Growth created for garden specialist Frans Agro a need for expansion in the form of warehouse equipment and racking. Their variety of products made them opt for drive-in racking and conventional pallet racking.

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How the Toyota Radioshuttle optimised use of space at Zgonc

Toyota offered Zgonc a semi-automated shuttle solution that enabled Zgonc to increase productivity and safety, and reduce damage while storing more than 4000 pallets.

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